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Assisted Planning for Christian Conferences


TIP 1 - Don't Panic

Over the last 9 years we have hosted christian conferences from all over Scotland and the UK and learnt a few tips along the way. We know the pressure you're under, but don't worry we're on your side. We have catered for hundreds of church weekends, events and youth camps so let us take the stress out of co-ordinating your break.

TIP 2 - Talk to us

Six months before your planned break, we invite you to meet us for a chat about what your group wants. This gives you a chance to discuss and get advice on activities, accommodation, dining and any other aspect of the weekend which you may be unsure about.

TIP 3 - Dealing with different needs

Everyone is different and it is expected that those in your group will have differing needs. The site, with a variety of accommodation styles and facilities, is able to cater for individual needs. The main house provides 23 ensuite bedrooms, The Mews is great for families and the Activity Centre is ideal for younger guests with ensuite dormitory accommodation for up to 120.

TIP 4 - Flexible Planning

Our main aim is to provide a flexible service which can adapt to the changing needs of your group. Therefore, if the interests of the group change we can provide alternative activities which will prove more suitable and enjoyable.

TOP TIP - Enjoy yourself

It's your weekend. So dont suffer in silence, let Gartmore House help - it's what we do best!