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Knitting & Crochet

Join expert Knitting for All teacher and designer Samira Hill for a knitting and crochet holiday at Gartmore House. Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced yarnie, Samira will be on hand to provide tuition throughout the week and a number of knitting or crochet workshops to sate any creative appetite! You don’t even have to have any experience either! You’ll be hooked as you learn new techniques and brush up on some old ones.

If you prefer to bring along your works in progress and long forgotten unfinished objects then that’s not a problem! Samira is happy to offer any help and advice you may need throughout the week. So, settle in and get ready to for a week’s worth of knitting and crochet fun.

To see pictures of the course please visit our gallery.

Dates 2023

All of our holidays run for 5-nights from Sunday to Friday and start from £979 per person.
The above is based on single occupancy. A £100 per person discount is applied for art, craft and activity guests on a shared occupancy basis.

January 15th to 20th 2023
February 12th to 17th 2023
March 12th to 17th 2023
April 9th to 14th 2023
May 14th to 19th 2023
June 18th to 23rd 2023
July 16th to 21st 2023
August 6th to 11th 2023
September 3rd to 8th 2023
October 8th to 13th 2023
November 19th to 24th 2023

If you’re coming on one of our holidays and would like to bring a friend, partner, or member of your family, then we have you (and them!) covered. Accompanying guests will enjoy full board catering and shared accommodation with you. We also have a full programme of day trips and activities on offer for them. Please add them and day trips at the checkout stage.

How to book
To book online, please click on your preferred date above.
For any questions or to book direct please call 01877 382 991 or email mail@gartmorehouse.com
If you have any questions, you may like to take a look at our FAQs but if you have any further queries, please contact our team directly.

Payment, Terms & Conditions
A 25% deposit is required to secure your booking. Full payment is due 3 months prior to arrival. For art, craft & activity holidays booked within 3 months of course start date, full payment is required at the time of booking. Art, craft & activity holidays are subject to availability and subject to change.

Knitting Workshops

Samira offers a range of themed workshops tailored to suit a range of abilities, interests and techniques. All workshops are tailored to fit within the duration of your activity holiday. We believe that it is important to spend the time to fully understand and master a new technique before moving on to another, so please choose 1-2 workshops to focus on while you stay with us. You can always come back and learn another technique!

Samira will contact you directly to discuss your interests, choice of workshops and required materials, prior to your holiday. If there is a technique that you would like to learn which isn’t listed above, please let Samira know and she can tailor something specifically to your interests.


Beginners Workshop

Want to learn to knit?
Make, learn and have fun! Create a pair of beautiful slippers, as you learn and enjoy all the basics of knitting (cast on, Knit, Purl, basic shaping and cast off techniques)! These lovely slippers are made out of a single ball of yarn and are a great project for beginners – no knitting experience needed- and you will then be ready to knit your own Lauriston Hat! Unleash your creativity with your own choice of yarn colour and embellishments, and you will be amazed at what you can do!

Intermediate Workshops

Explore beyond Knit and Purl
Introduction to Aran and Cables Knitting for those who have knitted before, and who would love to learn to knit those fancy garments full of beautiful interlacing cables and plaits! This workshop is also suitable for knitters of all levels who would like to brush up, improve or explore more complex cables techniques and charts. In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • The principles of cables and how they work
  • How to use a cable needle, work twist stitches and cable without a cable needle
  • Standard cables, crossing stitches
  • Complex cables variations
  • How to read cable charts
  • How to fix mistakes etc.

Our beautiful Cabled Cowl is a great project to learn the basics of cable knitting, as well as completing a gorgeous, reversible garment you will wear with pride! Swatches will also be made to cover all techniques, and you are also more than welcome to bring an Aran Knitting project of your choice to learn on; there is plenty of scope in learning these techniques!

Learn to Knit with Colours 
Fancy having fun with colours? There are so many ways to use colours, and so many colourwork techniques available in knitting, this workshop offers a great introduction to many different colourwork methods that all achieve amazing looks and completely different effects!
In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • The magic of slipped stitch patterns
  • Picture knitting: Intarsia
  • Swiss Darning / Duplicate Stitch
  • Stranded knitting and Mosaic Knitting
  • Entrelac Knitting / Multidirectional Knitting

Learn to Knit in The Round 
You are confident in knitting in rows, and would like to be able to knit hats, mittens, socks, and garments in the round? Then this workshop is for you! All techniques of working in the round are covered, while you knit a hat, a cowl and simple fingerless mittens, so that in the future you will be able to knit any pattern you fancy, be it constructed flat or in the round!
In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • How to knit using Double Pointed Needles
  • How to knit using a medium circular needle
  • How to knit using the Magic Loop technique
  • How to knit two mittens at once on the same needle

Fair Isle Knitting and Steeking 
For those who have a bit more practice on their needles, learn the various techniques of traditional Shetland Fair Isle knitting as you cast on and start knitting a beautiful Fair Isle Tea Cosy, following a simple two- colour chart. Once the body of the Tea Cosy is knitted up, you will learn the traditional Shetland technique of “steeking”, i.e cutting through your knitting with confidence and finishing up your gorgeous cosy! You will then be ready to start knitting your own Fair Isle hat, following a more complex chart with more colours, which will guarantee you have the skills to knit your « graduation project », a beautiful stranded knitting cowl!
In this workshop, participants will learn :

  • Traditional stranding techniques in the round
  • Follow knitting charts
  • Neat floats and yarn management
  • Steeking technique

Shawl and Lace Knitting 
Always fancied having a go at knitting beautiful, delicate lace? This workshop combines learning both the techniques of lace knitting, which can be used on any project, and the techniques of shawl knitting in any stitch pattern, so you will be ready to knit your own beautiful Lilac Feathers shawl!
In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • Principles of lace
  • Reading and following simple to complex allover lace charts
  • Understanding shawl shapes and specific cast on / off techniques

Sock Knitting Workshop 
Learn to knit brilliant socks from the toe up, and say goodbye to toe-grafting and left over yarns! When knitting your socks from the toe up, you get to finish the socks when the yarn runs out. No prior sock knitting experience needed, but experience in knitting in the round is recommended. Learn to make socks on 4 needles, on circular needles using the Magic Loop technique, and for those who already have some experience in sock knitting, learn to knit 2 socks at the same time on a single circular needle!
In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • Invisible cast on for the toe
  • Sock kniting techniques (gusset and toe shaping, heel turning…)
  • Stretchy Cast off for the cuff
Advanced Workshops

Knit Lab and Finishing Workshop 
This workshop is a great opportunity for knitters to brush up, improve and learn new skills to add to their repertoire! We believe you can never have too many tools in your toolbox…
In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • All aspects of flawlessly finishing knitted garments, including neat horizontal and vertical seams in a variety of stitches
  • Easily insert set-in sleeves, pick up and knit tidy neck and button bands
  • Technique improvers tools: different cast on / off techniques to suit different projects, clever buttonholes, symmetrical and tidy shaping techniques etc…
  • Short row techniques in colourwork
  • How to darn your knitting Participants will practice these techniques on baby jumper swatches, but this workshop is also a great opportunity for knitters to bring and practice on projects that are at the finishing stage!

Brioche Knitting Workshop 
Discover the wonderful effects of this beautiful reversible knitting technique! Start by learning the basics of 2-colour Brioche knitting whilst making a gorgeous and cosy scarf, then move on to more complex techniques to create beautiful eye catching patterns.
In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • Principles and essential techniques of 2-colour Brioche Knitting
  • How to read Brioche knitting patterns
  • Shaping techniques
  • Brioche cable knitting
  • Brioche knitting in the round
  • Brioche lace
  • 1-colour Brioche knitting

Crochet Workshops

Beginners Workshops

Learn to Crochet? 
No experience of knitting or crochet is needed for this fun workshop that will get you to crochet beautiful and colourful accessories in no time! You will learn the basics of crochet as you create traditional “Granny Square” designs in various colours and shapes, then move on to other motifs made in the round (flowers etc…) and unleash your creativity! 
In this workshop, participants will learn: 

  • The principles of crochet (how it works, how to hold the hook, tension etc..) 
  • All standard crochet stitches (foundation ring, chains, slip stitches, trebles)
  • How to change colours / join new yarns
  • How to read crochet patterns and crochet charts 
  • How to crochet various shapes 
  • How to join squares (or any other motifs) using various crochet methods
Intermediate Workshops

Play with Stitches and Textures 
For those with a little knowledge of crochet basics, we explore various stitch combinations, textured stitches, lace crochet, crochet cables and colourwork techniques, as well as learning to understand and follow different crochet patterns. 
In this workshop, participants will learn: 

  • Principles of crochet back and forth in rows 
  • Foundation Stitches 
  • Stitch manipulations to create bobbles, spike stitches, post stitches etc… 
  • Principles of crochet lace
  • Surface / overlay crochet
Advanced Crochet

Mastering Crochet Cables
Ever knew you could crochet beautiful Aran designs? Aimed at crocheters who are familiar with crochet patterns and stitches and who fancy learning something different, this workshop covers a whole variety of cables, plaits, twists and techniques to learn while making a gorgeous textured blanket for the home! 
In this workshop, participants will learn: 

  • Principles of crochet cables 
  • Various kinds of cables, twists, crossing stitches etc… 
  • Read and follow challenging patterns

Tunisian Crochet Workshop 
For those who know how to crochet, why not try your hands at Tunisian Crochet? Learn the basic stitches of this beautiful technique, then move on to make gorgeous home accessories combining stitches you have learnt, and have a play with Tunisian colourwork patterns! After this workshop, you will be able to pick up any Tunisian Crochet pattern and follow it with confidence! 
In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • Principles of Tunisian Crochet 
  • All standard stitches
  • How to read and follow Tunisian Crochet patterns and charts 
  • Shaping techniques 
  • Colourwork
  • Textured stitches

Check in is from 4pm where you will receive a warm welcome from our team.
Once you are unpacked and settled, we invite you to enjoy some tea or coffee and home baking in the lounge where you can relax after your journey.
If you have never been on a holiday like this before, we understand how anxious you may be. That’s why, come 6pm, everyone will gather in the lounge for the Welcome Talk and Meet & Greet, giving you the chance to meet both your fellow guests and your tutor before the start of the course on Monday. Your tutor will talk you through what to expect from the week, discuss what you would like to achieve during your stay, and answer any questions you may have. 
From there, dinner is served at 6:30pm in the downstairs dining room.

Monday to Thursday
Throughout the week, tuition runs from 10am to 4pm with regular breaks for tea and coffee so you can relax and have a natter with your fellow guests about everything you’ve been up to so far.
All your meals are served in the dining room.
Evening tea and coffee is available in the lounge at 9pm.

Check out by 10am

What’s Included

  • 4 days of specialist tuition from Samira Hill
  • Full board catering
  • 5-nights accommodation
  • Complimentary transfers from Stirling train station are available on the arrival and departure days (pick-up from the station at 15:30, departs Gartmore House at 10:00). Transfers from Glasgow or Edinburgh Airports are available at an additional cost.

Our knitting and crochet holidays are tailored to suit each individual guest. Our tutor Samira will be in contact one month prior to arrival to discuss which of our themed knitting and crochet workshops you wish to learn during your stay. 

Please note that materials are not included in the workshops. Samira will discuss material requirements with you ahead of your arrival. Don’t worry if you forget anything! There will be a small selection of wool, needles, crochet hooks and accessories available for sale throughout the week.

Tutor Samira Hill

Your tutor Samira Hill is a professional knitting and crochet teacher, and as part of the ‘Knitting For All’ company teaches children, teenagers and adults various textile craft activities on a regular basis.

In her spare time, Samira likes to design her own garments and accessories, and is constantly busy with trying out new techniques, intricate stitches or adventurous projects!

Samira believes life is a constant learning curve, and there is always something new to learn and try when it comes to knitting or crochet for that matter, whatever your abilities. Her teaching always reflects her attitude to knitting: very creative, rewarding, social, relaxing, therapeutic.. And most importantly, it’s fun!


Reviews from previous knitting and crochet guests:

  • ”Had a fabulous time. Staff were friendly and Samira was exceedingly helpful. I’ve come away with skills that I did not have when I arrived.” – Mari, Knitting & Crochet Holiday
  • ”Thoroughly enjoyed it. Samira Hill, the tutor, was excellent. Nothing too much trouble. Thank you.” – Irene, Knitting & Crochet Holiday
  • ”The whole experience was excellent as per previous visit – we will be back next year. Many thanks to all the wonderful staff.” – Hazel, Knitting & Crochet Holiday
  • ”Have had a most informative and enjoyable time in the splendour of this magnificent building.” – RW, Knitting & Crochet Holiday

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