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Gartmore House Activity Holidays

Happy Festival of Learning Week from Gartmore House

Today marks the start of the Festival of Learning Week, which is a celebration of lifelong learning and an opportunity for everyone to get involved and have a go.  Whether you already have a passion to learn, are thinking about having a go at learning something new, or are involved in running learning activities, events and courses for others, you can be a part of the Festival of Learning.
There can be huge benefits to learning new things and it really is never too late – you may even find a new passion that really excites you or perhaps allows you to unwind.
Learning a new skill enables us to grow as a person and the process helps to develop our knowledge base.   Learning something new allows us access to new and different opportunities and they say life begins at the end of our comfort zone. Learning new things, no matter our age, is essential for staying up to date in an ever-changing world. If we stop learning things, we can stagnate and actually move backwards, in both our personal and professional lives.
At Gartmore House, we offer a number of exciting activity breaks, in stunning Scottish surroundings, which provide our guests with the chance to break their comfort zone and learn something new.  Learning a new skill is very important for our self-esteem. The process keeps our brain cells active and gives us feelings of pride and accomplishment.
Another thing we love about learning and setting new challenges  is the social aspect. Trying anything different – such as crafting, painting, music, photography and forms of movement such as walking up a mountain or cycling allows us to meet new people, some of whom will have similar interests and be interested in some of the same things.  We love to watch new friendships form, as our guests bond over learning a new skill.
Happy Festival of Learning Week from Gartmore House – what are you going to try out this week? If you are interested in booking an activity break at Gartmore House then you can complete the online enquiry form or call us on 01877 382 991

  • June 18, 2018
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National Sewing Machine Day

National Sewing Machine Day

Today is National Sewing Machine Day and there are so many benefits to this fantastic creation. A sewing machine allows us to make our own clothes, to repair worn, torn or unused clothes and perhaps to re-design old clothing.  Who doesn’t love to be a fashion trend setter?  Sewing is also a fantastic way to unwind and escape from the frantic pace of life as we know it.
In 1790, the English inventor Thomas Saint invented the very first sewing machine design, but he did not successfully advertise or market his invention.  This first machine was designed to be used on leather and canvas material.
By the year 1900, over 20 million sewing machines a year were being produced from factories all over the world. It is true to say that no single invention was as eagerly accepted by people in all four corners of the planet as the humble sewing machine.
At Gartmore House, we love to give our guests an understanding of sewing machines, which includes how to put a needle in, how to thread it properly and sort the bobbin. You’ll also be able to sew straight lines and curves, explore all the stitches on the machine and a variety of patterns.  Our sewing retreats are highly therapeutic and enjoyable, especially once you get into a rhymn with the craft.  The stunning views out across the Trossachs and Loch Lomond National park are an added bonus.
The sewing machine is more efficient to use than stitching with bare hands. A piece of clothing can be created within a few minutes with the use of sewing machine while it will consume more hours if you do it with your hands.
Sewing is also a fantastic form of mindfulness, which is becoming more and more popular as a self-help and coping strategy. Being concentrated on one thing alone and experiencing it with all our senses is a fantastic way to de stress and get away from our screens.
If you are interested in booking a relaxing sewing or crafting retreat at Gartmore House then you can complete the online enquiry form or call us on 01877 382 991
National Sewing Machine Day!

  • June 13, 2018
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1 Gartmore House - Local and Community History Month

Local and Community History Month

It is local and community history month, which has a purpose to increase awareness of local history and encourage all members of the community to participate and share stories.   At Gartmore House and our surrounding Estate, located in the stunning Trossachs and Loch Lomond national park, we have played a significant part in Scottish History.   The name Gartmore means “the big enclosure” and cattle were once driven to markets, being rested overnight in Gartmore.  Some of our local names still reflect these stories such as slaughterhouse Lane and Market place.
You can read a full breakdown of our history and events that have occurred here since our quirky house was built in 1973.
Gartmore House has witnessed the formation of the Labour Party and was also the home of a founder of The Scottish National Party.  The great Scottish legend Robert Burns has written and entertained in the lounge – which we feel is a perfect spot for our guests to unwind and perhaps write or journal.
The talented architect David Barclay (pupil of Charles Rennie Mackintosh) re-designed the west front, added the tower and altered the roofs. The moon dial was removed in the 1950’s to the Cayzer family burial ground behind Gartmore parish church. We love the Cayzer family motto that we display above the door which means “Cautiously but Fearlessly”.
In 1940, the army commandeered the estate and the house became a barracks until 1950. Privates were on the ground floor, officers on the first floor and they dined in the mews courtyard. After the war, the Cayzer family didn’t take it back.
Over the years, Gartmore House has seen many people come and go.  People with talents, stories and a vision.  People who have helped to make Gartmore what it is today.  More recently, there was a vision that Gartmore House would grow as a conference centre and destination for activity holidays for all ages.  We are proud that today our estate is now very popular with educational groups, conferences and activity breaks, with packages available to suit all budgets and group sizes.
We believe that the history of Gartmore makes it a magical place to unwind and also get creative.  History and old stories can be a source of inspiration to many.
To make a reservation please BOOK ONLINE or contact our team:
T: 01877 382 991 | E: mail@gartmorehouse.com

  • May 4, 2018
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Dancing Weekends at Gartmore House in Scotland

Happy International Dance Day – Why We Should Dance More

Happy International Dance Day, a celebration for anyone who loves to dance.  It is hard to believe how many places frown upon or outright ban the act of dancing.  We believe that life is for dancing and agree with Chicago teen Ren McCormack, who stood up for the medium of dance in the hard-hitting 1984 documentary Footloose.
Dance opens up the freedom of creativity. We express our emotions when we dance, which are feelings some people try to suppress. Ignoring our emotions is not healthy, but sometimes people do not feel comfortable sharing that part of themselves. Dance expresses emotions like joy, pain, nostalgia, and many more. Creatively, dance also allows people to interpret how the music makes them feel whether it is through choreography or the meaning of their dance.
Dancing encourages us to be brave when trying new things and to get out of that comfort zone, which can be very useful in the outside world.
At Gartmore House we embrace music as often as possible.   We offer a number of musical breaks such as our dancing weekend. Teresa Mcclymont from Dance Time Scotland offers our guests the chance to learn ballroom dancing, swing, country and modern Jazz.
Teresa has been a dance teacher from the age of 17. She has trained and competed around the world in Line-dancing and couple’s country dancing having lots of success at an advance level winning numerous titles, which include the Scottish and British Championship.
Music is the soundtrack of life and there is no doubt about it that it gives us a boost. Scientific studies show that music releases dopamine, the feel-good chemical in the brain.  Further research found that dopamine was up to 9% higher when volunteers listened to music that they enjoyed.  Dancing is great for the soul and of course it is also fantastic exercise.  Why not come and join us for some dancing at Gartmore House?
To make a reservation please BOOK ONLINE or contact our team:
T: 01877 382991 | E: mail@gartmorehouse.com

  • April 29, 2018
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Gartmore Estate in Scotland

10 Reasons Why We Love Spring

Spring is upon us and it is time to turn down the fire, get back outside and embrace new adventures. Here are 10 reasons why we love spring.
1. Longer Days
With daylight savings, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy evening walks or even a coffee outdoors, for an essential fix of vitamin D.
2. Exercise is easier
It can be very easy to make excuses, even though we know the benefits of leading an active lifestyle.  Winter can often feel too cold and dark.  Outdoor activities become far more pleasant and the lighter nights and mornings make it easier to leave the house.
3. Skin
Dry skin can be a nightmare for many over the winter months, caused by wind and low temperatures.  Spring is the opportunity to get the glow back.
4. Time to get social
Bye bye winter hibernation with hot drinks and Netflix, Spring is a time for us to get back outside and socialise.
5. Fresh ingredients
Hello to a new array of wonderful dishes, such as asparagus, strawberries, fresh herbs and lamb. Happy cooking.
6. Goodbye winter bugs
Hopefully by now most of those nasty bugs are long gone and it’s time to embrace new exciting adventures away from the sofa.
7. Spring Break
Spring is a great time of year to take a break. Have a look at our spring break offer. Enjoy a bottle of Prosecco on arrival, accommodation, 3-course dinner and full Scottish breakfast for just £85 per room per night (based on two adults sharing).
8. Spring Clean
A good spring clean offers a number of benefits, both mental and physical. A good clear out helps us to clear out the cobwebs both literally and figuratively.  Open the windows to let in some fresh air, play your favourite songs and declutter.
9. Blossom on the trees
As we watch pretty pink and white flowers burst into bloom, Spring is a season to be around nature, trees and plantlife.
10. Hobbies
Spring is a great opportunity to set new goals and pick up a new hobbie such as running, gardening or crafting.

  • April 11, 2018
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Loch Achray in The Trossachs Scotland

Top 10 Walks in Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park

Read our top 10 walks around Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park.  A fantastic place to go walking and exploring all year round.

1. Tigh Mor to Kinlochard via Ben Venue

Starting from Loch Achray follow forestry tracks to reach the hill path which follows Glen Riabhach up onto the shoulder of Ben Venue. If time and weather permits you can go up to the summit before dropping down Ledard Glen to reach Kinlochard. (6 miles & 2000’ of ascent).

2. The Great Trossachs Path 1

Starting at Inversnaid, make your way along shared mountain bike paths and roads to Trossachs pier, taking care on the steep rough path that makes up the first section of this route. At just less than 18 miles long, expect this route to take around eight hours to complete so be sure to dress accordingly and take plenty of provisions for the journey.

3. The Aber Trail

There’s plenty to see on The Aber Trail which starts at Millennium Hall and ends at Loch Lomond National Nature Reserve. From alder and ash trees to buzzards, wood warblers and tree pipits, this is a wonderful route for nature-lovers.

4. Ben Lomond

With a fairly smooth terrain and little navigation required, Ben Lomond is one of the easiest Munros – in fact, it’s so popular with walkers that it’s one of Scotland’s most-climbed hills, second to Ben Nevis. If you’re looking for a more peaceful stroll, there are several alternative routes to try which are less populated, such as the Ptarmigan route which offers a fine descent.

5. Aberfoyle to Brig o’ Turk over the Menteith Hills

Explore Aberfoyle to Brig o’ Turk, via the Menteith Hills. Depending on the weather, you can go over the hills themselves or follow the lower level route below them. (Up to 9 miles & 2000’ of ascent – depending on exact route taken).

6. Rob Roy Way

If you want a good weeks worth of walking around Loch Lomond, then the Rob Roy Way is for you. Starting from Drymen close to the south east corner of Loch Lomond, this Scottish Great Trail can be either 77 or 94 miles dependent on the route option along Loch Tay. You’ll be met with truly breath-taking scenic views along the way.

7. Auchmore circuit to Killin

This gentle walk offers a wonderful taste of the beautiful landscape around Killin including woodlands, Loch Tay and the towering Tarmachan Ridge.

8. Strone Hill

This secnic route starts from Graham’s Point Heritage Park and follows forest paths and roads before it becomes a faint path onto the open hill.

9. Callander Meadows

The route starts from north Ancaster square, Callander. Turn right into Main Street and then left at traffic lghts into Bridge Street. Just before the bridge follow the path to the right into the Meadows car park and continue beside the River Teith. Join the surfaced path and walk south along the river bank with views of Ben Ledi to the west.

10. Bracklinn Falls Circuit

A great mid-level walk just north of Callander through varied woodland to the Bracklinn bridge with views over the Bracklin Falls and gorge below. The path crosses back over the Keltie Water at a wide pool known as Scout Pool and returns to the car park by a minor road.
There you have it. This is just a small snapshot of the many stunning walks that The Trossachs has to offer. Why not book one of our guided walking breaks at Gartmore House and come and explore the area.

Stay Safe

Please ensure when walking or hiking in the Scottish countryside you are prepared and respect the land around you. Find out more about staying safe in the park.

  • February 13, 2018
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Valentines Gifts at Gartmore House

Valentine Gifts at Gartmore House

Valentine’s Gift Vouchers

They say that true happiness is made from experiences and moments over material things.  With Valentine’s Day upon us, why not treat a loved one to an activity break gift voucher at Gartmore House? Located in the stunning Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, Gartmore is a quirky estate offering a range of popular activity breaks.  Guests can choose from options such as crafting, painting, singing breaks and foraging for the foodie.
Activity breaks at Gartmore are designed for guests to escape from the fast paced life.  A break at Gartmore includes delicious home cooked food and a large roaring fire looking out over breath-taking Scottish views.  A perfect location to embrace a new passion or learn a new skill. Gartmore House is an 18th century country house with views that stretch 25 miles across to Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument.
For further information and to purchase gift vouchers at Gartmore House visit www.www.gartmoreestate.com

A Valentine’s Winter Deal

If you fancy a wee Valentine’s weekend away with your loved one why not book our Winter Deal. You will enjoy a bottle of Prosecco in your room on arrival, accommodation with stunning views over The Trossachs, a 3-course dinner to tantalise your taste buds and full Scottish breakfast the next morning – all for just £89 per room per night.
Book online today or call the team on 01877 382 991

  • February 9, 2018
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Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

Happy Inspire Your Heart With Art Day! We love art here at Gartmore House, and offer a range of art breaks to get those creative juices flowing. From watercolour painting holidays to felting courses , we have it covered.
Inspire Your Heart With Art Day is an opportunity to reflect on how art is good for the soul. Art has many benefits for our mental well-being.
Art can move us to tears, or laughter and it can transport us to magical places. Art has the power to inspire us and it is a very healthy activity to take part in to encourage mindfulness. The statistics show us that taking time to relax and get creative, away from our screens, is fantastic for our mental health.
Art teaches us to generate a love for learning and creativity, it helps to support our brain development. Art is also fantastic for our problem-solving skills and is thought to improve our emotional intelligence. We would love to hear from you – what is your favourite type of art? Do you have a favourite artist?
Why not treat yourself to one of our creative activity breaks at Gartmore House?
To make a booking call us on 01877 382991 or email mail@gartmorehouse.com

  • January 31, 2018
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